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Top 5 Décembre – MCC Talents

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1. David Charles – MC Roger


2. Jean-charles Avazeri

3. Opal Ocean

J.A.M Live and fast in Bourke Street – Opal Ocean

Facebook has enabled our page "Subscriptions" which means for around $7 a month you can become a super supporter of Opal Ocean.. This gives access to a whole bunch of exclusive content of us jamming, writing and recording music, unseen photos, videos, early previews of videos and songs, discounts on merch, exclusive live videos and more.Our goal is to eventually reach 1000 subscribers (under 1% of our facebook fans) with this we will be able to travel all over the world, record videos and albums and focus on music as much as humanly possible. We really want to show you more about us and the journey we take and we are very very OPEN to suggestions 🙂 We also want to mention if you can't afford it then please don't feel pressure to join, as we know what $7 difference a month makes!!!If you have read all of this and want to try out supporting us the please hit the support button bellow!Thanks everyone!Peace out and… ROCK ON… Acoustically hahah

Publiée par Opal Ocean sur Vendredi 9 novembre 2018


4. Alexandr MISKO Guitar

Pirates Of The Caribbean (Alexandr Misko) (Solo Guitar)

Hey guys, here comes the brand-new vid for you!This main theme from "Pirates Of The Caribbean" movie is so famous and there are thousands of guitar versions of it, but I tried to make it unique and powerful to show you my vision of how it can be arranged for a solo guitar. If you like this song please support me with your reposts, likes and comments, show this video to your friends to help me grow. Your support means the world to me! Special thanks to an amazing Brazilian guitarist Eduardo Agni for the idea of using that chopstick as a bow, that's so fun to do! And don't forget to watch it on my YT channel along with all the previous tracks! a lot guys and see you soon!

Publiée par Alexandr MISKO Guitar sur Samedi 10 novembre 2018

5. LeBinx


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